Tire Bargains in Nebraska and Iowa

Cross Dillon Tire Pros: the place to go for cheap, inexpensive tires at discount prices. Whether you you need a spare, a pair, or even a set of four, Bargain Basement has what you need at wholesale prices. The tires are listed by wheel diameter first, and then tread width.

Please note that these are carryout prices only--installation is extra. Prices listed are per tire. For total cost, add the tire price,  FET (federal excise tax), shipping, and sales tax for final total. Sorry, but some tires may not be able to be broken up from sets. Some tires may not be available because the Web site is being updated. Prices are good only while supplies last. You must mention the Web site price when ordering.

Common abbreviations:
  • LT: Light truck (cannot be exchanged for a "P" rated tire)
  • P: Passenger
  • ST: Specialty tire (commonly used on trailers)
  • 98S: "98" is the load index rating, "S" is the speed capability of that tire
  • 60K: The mileage rating by the tire manufacturer
  • TO: This tire is a takeoff and is in near new condition
  • LT235/85R16/10: The "/10" will follow a "LT" or "ST" tire that has a ply rating. If the ply rating isn't on the side of the tire, the manufacturer will use a lettering system. B=4 ply, C=6 ply, D=8 ply, E=10 ply, and so on.